Use Vacuum Pumps to enlarge your Penis


Many men fail to enjoy their sexual life for the fear that their penis size is not competent enough. If you also suffer from such a problem you should not feel isolated as there are many people who share the same feelings as you. It is only for this segment of the society that certain products have been established to help them out.

There are many natural ways in which your penis size can be increased. However for some people natural is not enough and they require additional attention to catch up on the length. The most popular device these days is the vacuum pump.

What is a vacuum pump?

This device is also known as a penis pump and is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction. It has been certain health authorities to be used to treat medical conditions. The device comprises of an external pump which sucks out the air from the cylinder. The pump is actually attached to the end of the penis and contains a ring which is used to maintain the pressure and erection of the penis in the cylinder.

How to use the pump?

The pump is placed over the pump. The penis is placed inside the cylinder. Some pumps are usually battery run while others use the hand to be pumped. Use the pump so that all the air is removed from the cylinder. Once the air has been removed you will notice that the penis becomes erect and the shaft of the penis is swollen a lot.

Now it is time to shift the ring down to the starting point of the shaft. You should use a lubricant to avoid any pain or injury to slide down the ring. Once the vacuum is released you are free to remove the pump.

One thing you must ensure for safety is that the vacuum pump you choose contains a ‘quick release’ feature. This is because the incidents of penile injuries are pretty high in devices which are not capable of releasing the vacuum when required of release it very slowly.

The capability of vacuum devices

Experimental studies using the vacuum pump show that between 50 to eighty percent of men are pretty much satisfied with this device. The vacuum pump is able to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, weak erection, anxiety and so on.

Many people find themselves depressed because of their penis size. The helplessness makes them feel empty and leads to anxiety during sexual intercourse. With the usage of this penis pump even if you do not see a visible difference in your penis size. You will observe that you are more confident and depression will not be a problem for you anymore.

Men who suffer from congenital bleeding are recommended no use this device. If you suffer from any sort of blood condition including sickle cell anaemia and leukaemia you should also abstain from using this device.

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Side Effects of the vacuum device

Not many side effects of the device are known. The very few ones that have been reported include the penis colour changing in to purple which is actually a sign of numbness. Another side effect which has been reported includes decreases in the force of ejaculation. These however are a few incidents.

The cost of a vacuum device

The cost of a constriction vacuum device ranges from $250 to $500. It actually depends on the product you choose.  The battery powered pumps are obviously a bit more expensive than the hand pump ones but then the extra cost is worth the comfort.

In addition the battery powered pumps prove to be quite helpful for men who do not possess much hand power or even suffer from diseases such as arthritis. These devices are widely available and you can get your hands on them without any prescription.

Advantages of the constriction vacuum device

There are many advantages of the constriction vacuum device. The main advantage is that you can use this device at ease. I is easy to store and can be used on the couch at your home or even at work. In addition the device promises results. It is surely not a scam.

The results will appear with time but they are sure to come. The constriction vacuum device also saves you from scams such as pills and creams. Such products only rip you off and provide you nothing at the end.

This device is not only able to increase your penis size but also provides you with additional health benefits.

The constriction vacuum device has been tested by men all around the world and they have recommended it to be quite a helpful device. You should also try i out if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply wish to increase your penis size.


Weight Loss While You Sleep

Recently, a doctor declared that he can make anyone lose weight by sleep so, everyone got shocked but he has given ways through which anyone can lose weight during their sleep. But for these, there are some ways that you should follow.

Most of us think that a healthy weight loss is following a diet and doing exercise, but we are here to tell you people something really amazing that there is something more important than diet and exercise and that is ‘sleep’.

Let us first share with you the test that doctor has conducted at

He asked almost ten women to sleep almost eight hours daily and do not do any diet or exercise and after a week it was observed that almost five of the women has decreased almost 5 pounds after the tenth week

Most us will think that is an effortless work but it is not. Because taking out time for sleep as now a day is very difficult because everyone has a very busy schedule. One of the ladies in our experiment was not able to conduct the test, due to her really busy job schedule and she did not lose any pound.

The majority of the researchers tell us if anyone lacks sleep then he/she has hundred percent chances to gain weight because if you do not sleep properly you usually eat more and lack of sleep makes you a patient of obesity. This experiment proved to us that lack of sleep is very dangerous for one’s body and health.


The system of your body works more efficiently as you sleep because during sleep your brain secretes more growth hormones that increase the metabolism of your body and you start losing fat that is in your body because as the hormone level increases your body works more effectively. On the contrary, when you are awake and having food that contains so much of energy, this stops your growth hormones as you are eating continuously and having energy and due to that the metabolism of your body slows down and you cannot easily lose weight then.


If you are living in an area where outdoors lights are throughout night then you should consider to make your room darker by using curtains because when there is darkness in the room you feel more sleepy and your brain secretes hormones called as melatonin which is responsible for making you sleepy as well as help to burn fat during your sleep. So, try to sleep in a darker room with no lights and no television this will help you a lot in losing weight.


Sleep helps to decrease your late night snacking because when you are awake till late night then you will eat more snacks and that is a very bad sign for weight gainers. Because it make you eat more and when you will eat more then you will never lose weight. So, try to sleep at 11:00 P.M and wake up at 8:00 A.M because at this time your body metabolizes the most and you lose most of the fat in your body.

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When you sleep more you gain more energy because researchers have found that people who sleep more thy have more energy to work to work in their daily routine. There was a test that concluded that the women who sleep more spend their most of their time in gyms and working out and due to that they gain less fat and fewer calories. If you sleep more and your body maintain its energy level and you never feel tired and work more accordingly.


Your brain functions accordingly to your sleep times because researchers have found that when you do not have enough sleep it affects your behavior and your metabolism to burn calories. When you sleep less it affects your eating habits as well as your digesting habits because sleepy tend to eat, more and they do not as many calories as they gain because their body is working slowly.

Similarly, if you sleep well your body behavior changes and the fat reduction rate also changes because these things are connected directly to your brain and are directly influenced by your brain. If you want to lose weight then you should have proper sleep and make your brain active so that it can secrete hormones that are responsible for making you active and burn your excess fat.

The conclusion of this topic is that it is proved that sleeping habits change your weight and you can easily lose weight by just changing your sleep timings. The more you sleep the more you are energetic and work effectively and efficiently.


Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

The modern world dictation for beauty generally states that women with a prominent breast size are to be counted as sexy and attractive. The most famous Hollywood stars apart from their acting are usually known for their curvy body and substantial cup size. With so much pressure it is quite normal for women with a normal or small breast size to feel threatened or even depressed.

Many women tend to be under confident in their routine life because of their small breast size. Well you must have heard that there is a solution to every problem in the world. You just have to identify the problem and work towards your goal.

Breast augmentation is not a dream. It is very much possible to enhance your breast size. You may have heard surgery to be quite popular among women for breast augmentation. If you think you do not want to take an extreme measure so soon then go for some ‘Do it yourself’ techniques. It is recommended that you delay that doctor’s appointment for a while and try out some easy techniques at home first. Below are some easy home remedies you may try out for breast enlargement.

Breast Massage

Your boobies are waiting for a massage. You may have not ever considered your breast’s to be an ideal candidate for a massage. Well it turns out giving them a massage may help you more than you had imagined. Studies have shown that breast massage on a regular basis can help increase your breast size.

The science behind this is quite simple. Breast massage stimulates tissue growth in the area. In effect it actually increases the production of a hormone named prolactin which is the key for breast enlargement. All you have to do is dedicated about 20 to 30 minutes of your day for your breast massage.

A very popular breast massage is known as the Chi massage. This massage involves transferring heat from the hands to your breast. You are to rub both of your hands to create heat and then apply your hands on to your breasts. The heat transfer that takes place improves the blood circulation in the breast area. Make sure that you cup both of your hands on a single breast and place them long enough for the heat transfer to take place. You are then to move your breasts in a clock wise direction. Repeat this process for at least 10 minutes.

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Breast Exercise

One method which will surely make your breasts bigger is exercise. This method requires you to put in more effort than breast massage. This method will not only improve your breast condition but will also help you to become leaner.

The Dumb bell Bench press requires you to lie down on a bench. You are then to pick up dumb bells from the side of your chests till they are up in the air. You are to repeat the process at least 50 times.

You have to realise the basic fact that your breasts are basically muscle. Therefore developing these muscles requires you work out. This method will make your breasts increase in size and look bigger naturally.

Consume Herbs

Herbs have been known for treating all types of conditions since centuries. It is very common to find essential herbs in breast enhancement pills. You can actually consume these herbs individually. They will help you in a great way. Some of the essential herbs are listed below.


This herb is widely used in India to treat skin inflammation and even eczema. This herb has seemingly strange properties of mimicking the female hormone estrogen. In addition it also increases the prolactin production in the body. This herb can be named as the most effective herb for breast enlargement.

You can safely consume 500mg fenugreek capsules per day.

Saw Plametto

This herb is usually used a lot in the kitchen. Surprisingly this herb also contributes in breast enhancement. It blocks the production of a certain enzyme consequently causing the breast size to increase dramatically. 100-160 gram of this herb per day would be enough. However it is recommended that you do not combine this herb with any other ingredient.

Fennel seeds

This ingredient includes flavonoids which increase the estrogen production in the body. Many breast feeding moms consume this herb to increase their milk production. This herb can easily be found and does not even cost much.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming these herbs as many people can be allergic or may face any side effect.

Breast enlargement is required by many women all around the world. They are ready to go to any extreme to acquire a bigger breast size. Before you actually go for surgery or any other similar solution try out some home remedies.


Top 2 methods for Penis Enlargement

There is not a single man on the planet who would say no to an increase in his penis size. The penis size is actually related to the amount of sexual pleasure a man can give. We all know how men can be pretty egoistic and are very touchy regarding their penis size.

Centuries have passed by in which men have tried lunatic ideas to increase their penis sizes and have not achieved much. However technology is now capable enough to provide us with us methods which some what do make men satisfied with the results.

There are many techniques in the market for penis enlargement but today we will be discussing the top two methods.

Penis Exercises

Men are not usually comfortable with the idea of someone looking or touching their penis and instead opt for methods which they can carry out themselves. Exercise happens to be an all natural method to increase penis size.

Your penis actually compromises of soft tissue which expands when blood surges through it. Exercise is a method through which those muscles can be expanded which consequently leads to an increase in the length of the penis.

Ultimate stretcher

The first most popular exercise is known as ‘ultimate stretcher’.  This exercise mainly focuses on the length of the penis. It is very easy to follow. You only have to stretch the flaccid penis so that the muscles gain strength. Not much erection is required but it is recommended that you gain erection to about 30%.

The stretching may cause your penis to feel the tension so it is okay to take breaks between the stretching. This exercise must be done at last two times in every direction. Your session should range between 5 to 10 minutes.

Always remember to warm up before any exercise.

The thumb stretch

This exercise is also focused on gaining penis length. The difficulty level is actually advanced as this exercise requires a slightly different technique from what you have observed earlier. The technique involves you using the thumb to pres down on your penis while keeping the shaft completely straight. This exercise is similar to how a penis extender works which is why it is actually beneficial.

The above two exercises were focused on the penis. It is recommended that you make cardio a part of your general lifestyle too. Overall exercise improves your stamina and helps you gain momentum during sex. A healthy body will respond well to blood surges and your penis will be able to retain more blood inside it.

Penis exercises should be done at least twice a day for at least a period of here months before you can observe any changes. Therefore stay persistent in your routine to gain the maximum results.

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Apart from exercises there are many supplements available in the markets which claim to increase the penis size. These supplements usually contain the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the manhood of a man. These supplements also include vitamins which help in the overall development of a person.

The male enhancement hormone improves circulation throughout the body and especially in the pelvic region. The ingredient in these pills directly affects the arteries and their ability to carry blood.

These pills are usually required to be consumed over a long period of time to actually see their results. You may have to spend money on them for a long period of time. Nevertheless supplements remain to be a popular choice for male enhancement as you don’t have to bear rubbing any type of foul smelling cream on to your penis and they are easy to incorporate in to your life style.

These were the most popular types of male enhancement techniques. You must realise though that the recent debate regarding if size does matter has proposed a new idea that instead of size women consider many other factors in their sexual experience.

So if you are interested in male enhancement pills just for the sake of your partner you may want to explore other option rather than just male enhancement. Many women reportedly feel more turned on when their partner invests more time in fore play. So instead of just jumping on to the main act you may want to slow down and sped some time in stimulating your partner.

In addition women also share that a good environment also improves the sexual experience. So the next time you call your partner at your place make sure you take out the trash and tidy up the room a bit. A scented air freshener would also feel nice.

These small things actually do make a difference. Going for male enhancement techniques surely helps boost your confidence but you may also incorporate other tactics in your journey for attaining sexual pleasure.


Big Penis Guaranteed

Has the thought ever come across your mind that your penis size may not be adequate enough for your partner? Even the thought can make you shaky. Well it is always better to be safe than sorry. You certainly don’t want your male ego to be hurt after you find out that your partner left you because of a small penis size.

You don’t have to worry at all. There are many solutions available for you help. Remember you are not the only one out there who wishes to increase their penis size. Many men all around the world wish for a long and healthy penis. It has become a matter of pride.

Why go for a penis enhancement?

  • It boosts your confidence

A penis enhancement will make you feel more confident. You will be comfortable enough to take off your pans in front of your partner or even at a one night stand. Sex is all a mind game so once you are mentally superior over others you will find your sex to be more pleasurable.

  • Improves the condition of your penis

Penis enhancement is not only applicable to those who suffer from a short dick or any such other problem. Penis enhancement helps you improve the overall condition of your dick. You can get more control over your penis. The circulation in the pelvic area will be much better helping you to get a better erection.

Methods of Penis Enhancement

Penis Exercise

This is the most natural method for improving the length of your penis exercise. The penis is divided in to three chambers of spongy tissue. Consistent exercise will cause the size of these chambers to increase. Hey will be able to absorb more blood which means you will get a stronger and bigger erection.  The main purpose of the exercise is that the tensile strength of these muscles increases.

However before you practically move on to carry out these exercises you should plan a visit to your urologist so that he can examine you deeply for any kind of problem. Once you are given the green signal you are free to start the exercise.

If you ever find that during your exercise regimen some kind of bubbles are appearing on the surface it is advised that you stop immediately. This is usually because of extra pressure coming on to the penis. The bubbles will disappear after a period of time.

Any sores on the penis will be due to the consistent pulling of the penis. You may also experience swelling on the penis. this is due to putting heavy weight on the penis. the penis is quite a sensitive organ and it is advised not to put extra pressure on it as you may cause irreversible damage.

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Penis Pump

A quite popular method for penis enhancement is the penis pump. It is also known as the penis extender. It may be a source of discomfort for some but apart froma few reported cases it happens to work fine with most men.

The extender requires you to place your penis in the cylindrical shaped box. Once the penis is inside the cylinder the battery run pump sucks out all the air. Vacuum is created inside the cylinder which causes the penis to enlarge and inflate to its maximum.

The penis stays in this position for about 20 to 30 minutes daily. It is advised not to use this device more than the prescribed time as you may cause permanent damage to the muscles. This pump works great for those who wish to increase their length.

The pump is also helpful in aiding patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction and other such properties. Many men who have used this pump for penis enhancement have reported that they feel more confident after using this device and have actually been able to get rid of their depression.

There are other methods for penis enhancement too such as surgery but this method is quite expensive and not many men are comfortable with the idea of going for a surgery for such a sensitive area.

If you think your partner is dissatisfied because of your penis size then before going for any type of solution it is recommended that you sit and talk with your partner. Talking out your issues is always better. Your partner may be able to help you out on choosing the right method and may also provide you with required emotional and even physical help.

In addition your partner may also aid you with other small things which can make your sexual life better. women just don’t need a big penis to feel satisfied. There are many other ways in which you can please your partner. The needs vary with each woman so sit and discuss to get the perfect solution.


3 Effective Methods for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation comes as a blessing for women all around the world. One proven and accepted fact around the world is a big breast size is considered to be the requirement for beauty and attractiveness.

Now not everyone has been blessed by God with a good boob size. That certainly does not mean that you cannot change this limitation. You may have observed how a bright lip colour brightens up your face immediately. In the same manner other similar beauty products enhance your natural features and aid you in looking great.

A small breast size can also be enhanced. There are many methods for breast augmentation. Below are listed the most effective methods of breast augmentation.

Exercise your breasts

You may have thought that exercise was only to help you stay healthy and fit. Exercise can be used for breast enhancement as well. This is actually the most natural and effective way of increasing your boob size. Through exercise you will notice that your pectoral muscles are strengthened and your boobs will improves in overall firmness and size as well.

All you have to do is set a portion of your day dedicated to breast exercise. Now this may seem to ask you for your time but the results are totally worth it. There are many types of exercises you may carry out to improve your breast size.

First up we have the wall press. In this exercise you are required to stand in front of a wall and lean against it. By pushing yourself upwards you will exert pressure on your breast muscle causing them to work. This exercise should be done for at least 10 to 15 times daily.

Next up we have arm circles. This exercise requires you to hold a light dumb bell in each hand. You then stretch out your hands to your shoulder level and move them to create a small circle in the clockwise direction. Repeat the process in the anti clockwise direction too.

Modified Push ups are usually done to improve the overall posture of the body but they can actually help you in your breast augmentation as well.

Consume Breast Food

You have just heard it right. Food has been made for your breast. It is recommended that you opt for a balanced diet and avoid eating junk and other such unhealthy items. Getting rid of processed food will not uplift your health, improve your skin but will help you gain in your breast size as well.

You may have studied about the food pyramid in school. Well now it’s time you practically follow it. It is recommended that you consume healthy vegetables and fruits. Green leafy vegetables are highly nutritious. Other fruits such as apple, bananas and tomatoes are essential for breast augmentation.

One of the major reasons of small breasts is the lack of estrogen in women. Therefore you should make it a point to consume estrogen rich foods. There are many foods which contain enough estrogen. These foods include chickpeas, dairy products and certain herbs.

Last but not the least include fats in your diet. Fats are generally thought to be bad for overall health but the matter of fact is that your body requires at least 12 percent of fat to remain healthy. You just have to make the right choice to consume health fats such as sun flower oil and olive oil. Remember only excess of fat is bad for you. Fat when taken in the right proportion is actually quite beneficial.

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If you think that natural tips are not helping you out then you may consider taking herbal supplements. Herbal supplements contain enough hormones to balance out the system in your body. Supplements also contain essential herbs such as ginseng, fenugreek thistle and so on which help balance out your immune system and aid in breast augmentation.

The only thing you have to make sure while consuming a breast supplement is that you choose the right products. It is usual to find scams in this industry. Therefore you should go for a popular and well used product.

Such supplements are usually required to be taken once or twice per day. However every breast enhancement pill has different requirements so make sure you read the label behind each medicine so you use the pill appropriately.

Breast augmentation can be achieved. Whatever method you opt for make sure you read all the essential ingredients and consult the doctor if you are suffering from any pre-existing condition.

You don’t have to face any sort of depression or lack of esteem due to a small breast size. Just take the right steps and you will gain on your breast size in no time. stay consistent in your struggle and you will surely be successful.


The Science Behind Weight Loss

Now a day’s food is everything for people. People love to eat flavored food and for that, they eat a lot without thinking that eating this much is so bad for their health. In the present era, of food lovers, it is so difficult to go on a dieting and leave food which is your top most priority.

But let us tell you something interesting that weight loss is not about leaving behind your favorite food but it is about the determination and commitment you made to yourself. If you are committed to yourself you will be able to lose weight easily.

Everybody functions differently, you see someone doing dieting and losing weight and you try to copy them but do not gain n any output this is due to the reason that your body does not respond to everything and lose hope and do not even try some new ideas.

The science behind weight loss is not that much difficult because you just have to understand that how your body works in a different situation and how your body reacts to different foods that you eat. Things that act on your friend’s body will not work on your body. Lastly, before applying anything on your body, you should do research about that whether it is good or not.

Here are few scientifically proven things which we are sharing with you. These few tips might help you in your entire life.


Exercise is helpful in weight loss, this statement is controversial these days because there is a debate that exercise helps or not. But in spite of losing weight daily exercise helps to increase the metabolism of your body and your outlook beautifies. If you want to check its benefits, go for walk and move and stretch, you will feel so awesome and motivated and you realize that what changes exercise has made in you. If you do not have time for work out than taking out only 10 minutes from your daily routine because it is equal to 30 minutes workout. Try, it slowly, at first stage you cannot handle so much exercise do it a little and you feel so energetic and that energy will make you burn more calories.


The second tip to success is taking charge of your food environment. Try to make a list of things you like to eat and which things you can cook easily because this will help you to change your eating environment. When you are cooking the meal at home you are controlling the amount of food you eat and the things that are added in your food. Because that you get from restaurants contains a large of carbohydrates, low-grade fats and many other things that are not good for your body. The second thing you should do is using small plates or bowl, this will make the food look larger and actually you will eat less. Researches tell us that having a healthy breakfast keeps you full until the lunch and you eat less at the lunch time and burn more calories. So, changing your environment can change your eating habits and your diet’s output.

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If you want to lose weight than you have to cut down the sugar and carbohydrates intake because if you are consuming these two things you can never lose weight. There are few tips that will guide you that how you can reduce your sugar and carbohydrates intake:

  1. Select those products that contain less sugar or carbohydrates and try to use fresh or frozen products instead of canned food, because the canned food contains a huge amount of carbohydrates to preserve it.
  2. Try to avoid soft drinks because they are the major cause of sugar intake. Some of the people are so addicted to soft drinks that they do not realize that each bottle of soft drink contains 10 to 15 teaspoons of sugar.
  3. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread or white rice because carbohydrates whether in any shape are very harmful to your body. Instead, try to eat whole grains that are very beneficial for your body’s health.
  4. Leaving all the sugar containing items is not that much easy because taste buds are us to eat sugar and feel a lot of craving for sugar coated items. But you have to control yourself because if you control yourself and become a normal weight person then only in future you can eat a few items containing sugar.
  5. These are few things that will help you understand the science behind healthy weight loss and if you follow up these things you will be able to lose weight and every excess fat that is disturbing you.


5 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss

When you start doing dieting then, you have to face a lot of strict rules to maintain a level of celebrity diet and that’s not easy for many people. Because most of the people aim to start dieting but they usually left it in between.

Cutting out calories is not an easy task to do so but remaining consistent is more difficult than cutting out calories. So, most of the people lose hope and do nothing and tolerate that fat and issues of obesity.

But they are not aware that these issues can cause them severe health issues in future which they will not be able to bear. So, now what’s your opinion? A healthy diet or health related issues? I guess most of the answers would be a healthy diet and no more extra weight.

We are here, to present five very helpful tips, which will help you a lot in a healthy weight loss. We know that it is not easy to follow all of the tips eventually but you can do it like increasing one extra thing daily that will help you to lose weight. These eighteen tips are as under:


Once your weight increases, it takes a time to lose weight and lose calories because it’s not magic. It is something you gained in a lot of time so obviously; it will take double time to go way. But be motivated and try to lose two to three pounds on daily basis, this will help you to lose weight in an early time span. And lastly, you should try to start increasing applying these tips day by day so that you can achieve your goals.


Water is the major part of your body. Almost 70 percent of your body is made up of water. So, how can you ignore water in a healthy weight loss? Drinking plenty of water increases your body’s metabolism and you can burn fat through sweating. One should drink almost twelve to fifteen glasses of water for a healthy weight loss.


You might think how chewing slowly would help? Let us explain to you that chewing slowly makes you eat less because when you chew and eat slowly your requirement is fulfilled with very less amount of food and you feel fully consumed with very less meal. This is a good way to lose weight rapidly and easily.

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Try to know yourself well; secondly, try to sit in meditation for few minutes daily and talk to yourself this will motivate you a lot and you would be able to know that which things are disturbing you emotionally because emotion has a direct contact with your eating. When you are emotionally disturbed you eat more and when you will eat more you will never lose weight. So, try to relax and try to eat less emotionally.


Researchers tell us that if you eat regularly on time, you eat less and gain more energy, but if you do not eat on a timely basis you usually eat more. Ideally, you should eat five meals in a day, but if you skip lunch or dinner then you feel hungrier and you can eat more than your normal routine. So, one should never skip meals and eat timely and regularly and you will observe a gradual change in yourself.


Eating mindfully actually means, paying full attention to the food that you are eating. Most of us have the habit of eating in front of television, computers or during playing games but this is so wrong. You never realize that how much you eat when you are in front of the television and not paying attention to what you are eating. Researchers tell us that a person can eat almost double when he/she is not paying attention to food that is being eaten. Eating mindfully is very important for your health and weight loss as you can never lose weight if you do not have any idea what and when you are eating. Try to have a habit of jotting down what you eat because this will help you to keep a check a balance on yourself easily. Jotting down will also increase your attention toward the food and you will be able to eat mindfully.

Thus, we can conclude on this point that these five tips are very important for a healthy weight loss and never lose hope , always try to be positive and think positively about yourself. Try to apply these tips in your life and hopefully these tips will bring a change in you. Weight loss is not that much difficult task if you are consistent on losing weight.


6 yoga poses for weight reduction that work!

While gaining weight is extremely easy, on the other hand, losing weight can be equally troublesome. Some people can never make the most of diets, workout routines or supplements because either they are not consistent or they simply lack energy.

For this reason, we bring you the amazing yoga poses which are not only equipment free but are also equally beneficial when weight loss is in question.

Yoga is a form of meditation where the body, mind and soul work together to help relieve stress, oxygenate the body while keeping the soul relieved. Yoga is ideal for all age groups as it does not cause any injuries and can be done effortlessly. Moreover, yoga doesn’t require any equipment, meaning you can practice it at your office, home or even during vacations.

Below is a list of some yoga poses which help weight reduction by working the muscles evenly.

Let’s get started.

The Half Moon Pose

The half moon yoga pose is extremely simple as only stretches are involved. It is one of the basic yoga poses which promote weight reduction around the hamstrings, thighs and hips. If you have love handles and badass thighs, this pose is ideal for you.

How to:

  • Stand straight with your feet aligned in the center
  • Stretch your arms above your head as if reaching for the ceiling.
  • Clasp your hands together.
  • Now stretch towards the ceiling and start moving towards your left side, keeping your body balanced.
  • You should feel the stretch on the opposite side of your body.
  • Stretch and go as low as you can.
  • Repeat for the other side.

The Crescent

This yoga pose is perfect for weight reduction as it helps tone thighs, hips, calf muscles, belly and definitely the lower abdomen area. While balancing is key for this poses, however it is not that hard.

How to:

  • Stand straight with hands lowered towards the ground on each side.
  • Simply place one leg in front of you while the other should rest at the original position.
  • Bend your front leg’s knee at 90 degrees and keep the other leg straight.
  • Raise both arms, join them and pretend to touch the ceiling.
  • Stay for 10 seconds and repeat for the other leg.

Crescent Stretches

The crescent stretch is a harder version of the normal crescent pose and it is ideal to tone the back muscles, abs, thighs, hips, arms and hamstrings.

How to:

  • Get into the crescent pose by keeping one leg in front of you and bending it at 90 degrees.
  • Move arms towards the ceiling and join them.
  • Now simply stretch your arms backwards.
  • Let your upper body stretch backwards as much as you can take it.
  • Stay for 10 seconds and return.

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The Boat Rock

The boat rocks or the rocking boat pose is ideal to tone the abs, back legs and hips. It however needs precision because if you don’t do it right, you can hurt your back muscles or promote a cramp.

How to:

  • Lie down straight on the floor
  • Keep hands on each side.
  • Now lift your upper body at 90 degrees.
  • Slowly move your upper body backwards at 45 degrees and raise both legs up.
  • Your body should form a rocking boat position where the pressure should be felt on the abs.
  • Stay for 6 seconds. Rest. Repeat.

Hover Pose

The hover yoga position is perfect to tone the shoulder fat, hips, arms, abs and definitely the back. This pose needs practice and should not be done without a warm up.

How to:

  • Lie down on the ground.
  • Get into a standard push up position.
  • While your palms rest on the ground, slowly lower your chest to form a straight back and bend elbows slightly.
  • Stay in this position for as long as you can.
  • Rest and repeat.

Jalandhara Bandha

This is a great yoga exercise for thyroid patients and normal people you want to lose weight. This exercise demands patience and relaxation.

How to:

  • Sit on the floor with legs curled inwards.
  • Keep back straight and rest the hands on both knees.
  • Now inhale deeply while keeping the back straight.
  • Rest the chin on the mid part of your collar bone and squeeze in your tummy.
  • Stay for as long as you can.
  • Bring the head to the original position and exhale.

The Chair Seating Pose

Perfect for toning legs, thighs and hips.

How to:

  • Stand straight with knees locked together.
  • Bend your knees and pretend to sit down.
  • Keep back straight.
  • Repeat.

Yoga is the best form of exercise so simply adopt it and see the difference!


Bad News revealed about Brain Drugs

Brain drugs are commonly known as smart drugs and recently their use amongst individuals has seen an incline. There is a good reason for that. These drugs, if used on a short-term basis, have been known to improve memory, focus and concentration and even brain health.

Claims have been made that they can be used for memory-loss disorders such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. However, these are just claims as no official research has been conducted so far and the evidence collected, has been on the basis of small and independent studies. Let us take a brief look at how these brain drugs work and why they are not as beneficial as projected!

How Brain Drugs Work!

Though the brain drugs comprise a large group of drugs and each one of them works in a different way, there are a few mechanisms that are common to all. They include the following.

  • Brain drugs are known to improve and increase cerebral blood flow, leading to increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients. These is associated with an increase in brain functioning.
  • All brain drugs are responsible for causing an increase in the release of neurotransmitters within the brain, particularly acetylcholine and the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.
  • Brain drugs are responsible for creating new synaptic connections amongst neurons and ensuring that there is smooth neurotransmission. Additionally, they also help in neuronal repair, preventing brain-aging!

Now that we know how brain drugs actually work, let us tackle the hype surrounding the use of these drugs. Remember that no research has been done to support the claims made by these drug manufacturers.

Brain Drugs Alter the Chemistry Within Nervous System

We all know that brain drugs work by increasing levels of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. This not only helps in engaging a large number of neurons within the brain, but also helps in imparting a feeling of elation.

While these effects may seem positive for a shorter period of time, in the long run, incorporation of a larger number of neurons actually leads to hyperactivity, distractibility and even poor impulse control. Furthermore, over a period of time, there is a depletion of these neurotransmitters within the brain which further leads to complications.

Brain Drugs Affect Developing Brains

Brain drugs are commonly used by students, specially during exam season. Students claim that these drugs not only help them in staying awake but they also help them in improving cognition and memory!

However, there has been growing evidence that these drugs actually wreak havoc with the developing brain. Our prefrontal cortex is the region of the brain that is responsible for judgement, logical thinking, behavior, emotion, decision making and even memory. This region continues to develop during our twenties and thirties.

Neurotransmitter levels go up and down naturally within the brain to help in normal maturation. Taking brain drugs earlier in life can mess up this natural process. This leads to alteration of circadian rhythm of the body, increased anxiety and can even lead to object-recognition memory problems, later in life!

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Long-term Use of Some Brain Drugs Has Been Related to Neurotoxicity!

Some brain drugs, particularly those that affect dopamine transmission, have been shown to cause neuronal damage if used over a longer period of time. It has been shown that certain drugs cause a depletion and subsequent disruption of dopamine-containing neurons. These neurons are ultimately damaged by oxidative stress as a result of accumulation of oxygen-reactive species!

Brain Drugs Have an Increased Addiction Potential!

Needless to say, when something makes you feel good and at the top of your game, it is no surprise that you would want more and more of that. The same goes for almost all the brain drugs.

Since brain drugs keep you at the top of your game and help in elevating your mood, the addiction potential and dependency is higher in this group of drugs. Who wouldn’t want to be the life of the party and still ace his/her exams? Once you get off a particular drug, chances are that you will suffer from withdrawal effects and they are certainly not going to be pleasant.

Some Brain Drugs Can Cause Psychosis

While tall claims have been made regarding the use of   some brain drugs in the treatment of senile dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is no research to support it in the long run. In fact, larger, single doses of certain brain drugs have been implicated in causing psychotic behavior even in normal, healthy adults!

These symptoms resemble those of schizophrenia. It is believed that drug metabolites are involved in neurotoxicity and subsequent induction of psychotic symptoms in individuals.

Brain Drugs Are Tricky to Juggle as in The Long Run They Alter the Brain Chemistry to an Extent of Causing Severe Damage.

 Be Careful When Using Them!