3 Effective Methods for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation comes as a blessing for women all around the world. One proven and accepted fact around the world is a big breast size is considered to be the requirement for beauty and attractiveness.

Now not everyone has been blessed by God with a good boob size. That certainly does not mean that you cannot change this limitation. You may have observed how a bright lip colour brightens up your face immediately. In the same manner other similar beauty products enhance your natural features and aid you in looking great.

A small breast size can also be enhanced. There are many methods for breast augmentation. Below are listed the most effective methods of breast augmentation.

Exercise your breasts

You may have thought that exercise was only to help you stay healthy and fit. Exercise can be used for breast enhancement as well. This is actually the most natural and effective way of increasing your boob size. Through exercise you will notice that your pectoral muscles are strengthened and your boobs will improves in overall firmness and size as well.

All you have to do is set a portion of your day dedicated to breast exercise. Now this may seem to ask you for your time but the results are totally worth it. There are many types of exercises you may carry out to improve your breast size.

First up we have the wall press. In this exercise you are required to stand in front of a wall and lean against it. By pushing yourself upwards you will exert pressure on your breast muscle causing them to work. This exercise should be done for at least 10 to 15 times daily.

Next up we have arm circles. This exercise requires you to hold a light dumb bell in each hand. You then stretch out your hands to your shoulder level and move them to create a small circle in the clockwise direction. Repeat the process in the anti clockwise direction too.

Modified Push ups are usually done to improve the overall posture of the body but they can actually help you in your breast augmentation as well.

Consume Breast Food

You have just heard it right. Food has been made for your breast. It is recommended that you opt for a balanced diet and avoid eating junk and other such unhealthy items. Getting rid of processed food will not uplift your health, improve your skin but will help you gain in your breast size as well.

You may have studied about the food pyramid in school. Well now it’s time you practically follow it. It is recommended that you consume healthy vegetables and fruits. Green leafy vegetables are highly nutritious. Other fruits such as apple, bananas and tomatoes are essential for breast augmentation.

One of the major reasons of small breasts is the lack of estrogen in women. Therefore you should make it a point to consume estrogen rich foods. There are many foods which contain enough estrogen. These foods include chickpeas, dairy products and certain herbs.

Last but not the least include fats in your diet. Fats are generally thought to be bad for overall health but the matter of fact is that your body requires at least 12 percent of fat to remain healthy. You just have to make the right choice to consume health fats such as sun flower oil and olive oil. Remember only excess of fat is bad for you. Fat when taken in the right proportion is actually quite beneficial.

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If you think that natural tips are not helping you out then you may consider taking herbal supplements. Herbal supplements contain enough hormones to balance out the system in your body. Supplements also contain essential herbs such as ginseng, fenugreek thistle and so on which help balance out your immune system and aid in breast augmentation.

The only thing you have to make sure while consuming a breast supplement is that you choose the right products. It is usual to find scams in this industry. Therefore you should go for a popular and well used product.

Such supplements are usually required to be taken once or twice per day. However every breast enhancement pill has different requirements so make sure you read the label behind each medicine so you use the pill appropriately.

Breast augmentation can be achieved. Whatever method you opt for make sure you read all the essential ingredients and consult the doctor if you are suffering from any pre-existing condition.

You don’t have to face any sort of depression or lack of esteem due to a small breast size. Just take the right steps and you will gain on your breast size in no time. stay consistent in your struggle and you will surely be successful.


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