Top 2 methods for Penis Enlargement

There is not a single man on the planet who would say no to an increase in his penis size. The penis size is actually related to the amount of sexual pleasure a man can give. We all know how men can be pretty egoistic and are very touchy regarding their penis size.

Centuries have passed by in which men have tried lunatic ideas to increase their penis sizes and have not achieved much. However technology is now capable enough to provide us with us methods which some what do make men satisfied with the results.

There are many techniques in the market for penis enlargement but today we will be discussing the top two methods.

Penis Exercises

Men are not usually comfortable with the idea of someone looking or touching their penis and instead opt for methods which they can carry out themselves. Exercise happens to be an all natural method to increase penis size.

Your penis actually compromises of soft tissue which expands when blood surges through it. Exercise is a method through which those muscles can be expanded which consequently leads to an increase in the length of the penis.

Ultimate stretcher

The first most popular exercise is known as ‘ultimate stretcher’.  This exercise mainly focuses on the length of the penis. It is very easy to follow. You only have to stretch the flaccid penis so that the muscles gain strength. Not much erection is required but it is recommended that you gain erection to about 30%.

The stretching may cause your penis to feel the tension so it is okay to take breaks between the stretching. This exercise must be done at last two times in every direction. Your session should range between 5 to 10 minutes.

Always remember to warm up before any exercise.

The thumb stretch

This exercise is also focused on gaining penis length. The difficulty level is actually advanced as this exercise requires a slightly different technique from what you have observed earlier. The technique involves you using the thumb to pres down on your penis while keeping the shaft completely straight. This exercise is similar to how a penis extender works which is why it is actually beneficial.

The above two exercises were focused on the penis. It is recommended that you make cardio a part of your general lifestyle too. Overall exercise improves your stamina and helps you gain momentum during sex. A healthy body will respond well to blood surges and your penis will be able to retain more blood inside it.

Penis exercises should be done at least twice a day for at least a period of here months before you can observe any changes. Therefore stay persistent in your routine to gain the maximum results.

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Apart from exercises there are many supplements available in the markets which claim to increase the penis size. These supplements usually contain the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the manhood of a man. These supplements also include vitamins which help in the overall development of a person.

The male enhancement hormone improves circulation throughout the body and especially in the pelvic region. The ingredient in these pills directly affects the arteries and their ability to carry blood.

These pills are usually required to be consumed over a long period of time to actually see their results. You may have to spend money on them for a long period of time. Nevertheless supplements remain to be a popular choice for male enhancement as you don’t have to bear rubbing any type of foul smelling cream on to your penis and they are easy to incorporate in to your life style.

These were the most popular types of male enhancement techniques. You must realise though that the recent debate regarding if size does matter has proposed a new idea that instead of size women consider many other factors in their sexual experience.

So if you are interested in male enhancement pills just for the sake of your partner you may want to explore other option rather than just male enhancement. Many women reportedly feel more turned on when their partner invests more time in fore play. So instead of just jumping on to the main act you may want to slow down and sped some time in stimulating your partner.

In addition women also share that a good environment also improves the sexual experience. So the next time you call your partner at your place make sure you take out the trash and tidy up the room a bit. A scented air freshener would also feel nice.

These small things actually do make a difference. Going for male enhancement techniques surely helps boost your confidence but you may also incorporate other tactics in your journey for attaining sexual pleasure.


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