Use Vacuum Pumps to enlarge your Penis


Many men fail to enjoy their sexual life for the fear that their penis size is not competent enough. If you also suffer from such a problem you should not feel isolated as there are many people who share the same feelings as you. It is only for this segment of the society that certain products have been established to help them out.

There are many natural ways in which your penis size can be increased. However for some people natural is not enough and they require additional attention to catch up on the length. The most popular device these days is the vacuum pump.

What is a vacuum pump?

This device is also known as a penis pump and is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction. It has been certain health authorities to be used to treat medical conditions. The device comprises of an external pump which sucks out the air from the cylinder. The pump is actually attached to the end of the penis and contains a ring which is used to maintain the pressure and erection of the penis in the cylinder.

How to use the pump?

The pump is placed over the pump. The penis is placed inside the cylinder. Some pumps are usually battery run while others use the hand to be pumped. Use the pump so that all the air is removed from the cylinder. Once the air has been removed you will notice that the penis becomes erect and the shaft of the penis is swollen a lot.

Now it is time to shift the ring down to the starting point of the shaft. You should use a lubricant to avoid any pain or injury to slide down the ring. Once the vacuum is released you are free to remove the pump.

One thing you must ensure for safety is that the vacuum pump you choose contains a ‘quick release’ feature. This is because the incidents of penile injuries are pretty high in devices which are not capable of releasing the vacuum when required of release it very slowly.

The capability of vacuum devices

Experimental studies using the vacuum pump show that between 50 to eighty percent of men are pretty much satisfied with this device. The vacuum pump is able to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, weak erection, anxiety and so on.

Many people find themselves depressed because of their penis size. The helplessness makes them feel empty and leads to anxiety during sexual intercourse. With the usage of this penis pump even if you do not see a visible difference in your penis size. You will observe that you are more confident and depression will not be a problem for you anymore.

Men who suffer from congenital bleeding are recommended no use this device. If you suffer from any sort of blood condition including sickle cell anaemia and leukaemia you should also abstain from using this device.

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Side Effects of the vacuum device

Not many side effects of the device are known. The very few ones that have been reported include the penis colour changing in to purple which is actually a sign of numbness. Another side effect which has been reported includes decreases in the force of ejaculation. These however are a few incidents.

The cost of a vacuum device

The cost of a constriction vacuum device ranges from $250 to $500. It actually depends on the product you choose.  The battery powered pumps are obviously a bit more expensive than the hand pump ones but then the extra cost is worth the comfort.

In addition the battery powered pumps prove to be quite helpful for men who do not possess much hand power or even suffer from diseases such as arthritis. These devices are widely available and you can get your hands on them without any prescription.

Advantages of the constriction vacuum device

There are many advantages of the constriction vacuum device. The main advantage is that you can use this device at ease. I is easy to store and can be used on the couch at your home or even at work. In addition the device promises results. It is surely not a scam.

The results will appear with time but they are sure to come. The constriction vacuum device also saves you from scams such as pills and creams. Such products only rip you off and provide you nothing at the end.

This device is not only able to increase your penis size but also provides you with additional health benefits.

The constriction vacuum device has been tested by men all around the world and they have recommended it to be quite a helpful device. You should also try i out if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply wish to increase your penis size.


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