Weight Loss While You Sleep

Recently, a doctor declared that he can make anyone lose weight by sleep so, everyone got shocked but he has given ways through which anyone can lose weight during their sleep. But for these, there are some ways that you should follow.

Most of us think that a healthy weight loss is following a diet and doing exercise, but we are here to tell you people something really amazing that there is something more important than diet and exercise and that is ‘sleep’.

Let us first share with you the test that doctor has conducted at diethealthmag.com

He asked almost ten women to sleep almost eight hours daily and do not do any diet or exercise and after a week it was observed that almost five of the women has decreased almost 5 pounds after the tenth week

Most us will think that is an effortless work but it is not. Because taking out time for sleep as now a day is very difficult because everyone has a very busy schedule. One of the ladies in our experiment was not able to conduct the test, due to her really busy job schedule and she did not lose any pound.

The majority of the researchers tell us if anyone lacks sleep then he/she has hundred percent chances to gain weight because if you do not sleep properly you usually eat more and lack of sleep makes you a patient of obesity. This experiment proved to us that lack of sleep is very dangerous for one’s body and health.


The system of your body works more efficiently as you sleep because during sleep your brain secretes more growth hormones that increase the metabolism of your body and you start losing fat that is in your body because as the hormone level increases your body works more effectively. On the contrary, when you are awake and having food that contains so much of energy, this stops your growth hormones as you are eating continuously and having energy and due to that the metabolism of your body slows down and you cannot easily lose weight then.


If you are living in an area where outdoors lights are throughout night then you should consider to make your room darker by using curtains because when there is darkness in the room you feel more sleepy and your brain secretes hormones called as melatonin which is responsible for making you sleepy as well as help to burn fat during your sleep. So, try to sleep in a darker room with no lights and no television this will help you a lot in losing weight.


Sleep helps to decrease your late night snacking because when you are awake till late night then you will eat more snacks and that is a very bad sign for weight gainers. Because it make you eat more and when you will eat more then you will never lose weight. So, try to sleep at 11:00 P.M and wake up at 8:00 A.M because at this time your body metabolizes the most and you lose most of the fat in your body.

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When you sleep more you gain more energy because researchers have found that people who sleep more thy have more energy to work to work in their daily routine. There was a test that concluded that the women who sleep more spend their most of their time in gyms and working out and due to that they gain less fat and fewer calories. If you sleep more and your body maintain its energy level and you never feel tired and work more accordingly.


Your brain functions accordingly to your sleep times because researchers have found that when you do not have enough sleep it affects your behavior and your metabolism to burn calories. When you sleep less it affects your eating habits as well as your digesting habits because sleepy tend to eat, more and they do not as many calories as they gain because their body is working slowly.

Similarly, if you sleep well your body behavior changes and the fat reduction rate also changes because these things are connected directly to your brain and are directly influenced by your brain. If you want to lose weight then you should have proper sleep and make your brain active so that it can secrete hormones that are responsible for making you active and burn your excess fat.

The conclusion of this topic is that it is proved that sleeping habits change your weight and you can easily lose weight by just changing your sleep timings. The more you sleep the more you are energetic and work effectively and efficiently.


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