Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

The modern world dictation for beauty generally states that women with a prominent breast size are to be counted as sexy and attractive. The most famous Hollywood stars apart from their acting are usually known for their curvy body and substantial cup size. With so much pressure it is quite normal for women with a normal or small breast size to feel threatened or even depressed.

Many women tend to be under confident in their routine life because of their small breast size. Well you must have heard that there is a solution to every problem in the world. You just have to identify the problem and work towards your goal.

Breast augmentation is not a dream. It is very much possible to enhance your breast size. You may have heard surgery to be quite popular among women for breast augmentation. If you think you do not want to take an extreme measure so soon then go for some ‘Do it yourself’ techniques. It is recommended that you delay that doctor’s appointment for a while and try out some easy techniques at home first. Below are some easy home remedies you may try out for breast enlargement.

Breast Massage

Your boobies are waiting for a massage. You may have not ever considered your breast’s to be an ideal candidate for a massage. Well it turns out giving them a massage may help you more than you had imagined. Studies have shown that breast massage on a regular basis can help increase your breast size.

The science behind this is quite simple. Breast massage stimulates tissue growth in the area. In effect it actually increases the production of a hormone named prolactin which is the key for breast enlargement. All you have to do is dedicated about 20 to 30 minutes of your day for your breast massage.

A very popular breast massage is known as the Chi massage. This massage involves transferring heat from the hands to your breast. You are to rub both of your hands to create heat and then apply your hands on to your breasts. The heat transfer that takes place improves the blood circulation in the breast area. Make sure that you cup both of your hands on a single breast and place them long enough for the heat transfer to take place. You are then to move your breasts in a clock wise direction. Repeat this process for at least 10 minutes.

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Breast Exercise

One method which will surely make your breasts bigger is exercise. This method requires you to put in more effort than breast massage. This method will not only improve your breast condition but will also help you to become leaner.

The Dumb bell Bench press requires you to lie down on a bench. You are then to pick up dumb bells from the side of your chests till they are up in the air. You are to repeat the process at least 50 times.

You have to realise the basic fact that your breasts are basically muscle. Therefore developing these muscles requires you work out. This method will make your breasts increase in size and look bigger naturally.

Consume Herbs

Herbs have been known for treating all types of conditions since centuries. It is very common to find essential herbs in breast enhancement pills. You can actually consume these herbs individually. They will help you in a great way. Some of the essential herbs are listed below.


This herb is widely used in India to treat skin inflammation and even eczema. This herb has seemingly strange properties of mimicking the female hormone estrogen. In addition it also increases the prolactin production in the body. This herb can be named as the most effective herb for breast enlargement.

You can safely consume 500mg fenugreek capsules per day.

Saw Plametto

This herb is usually used a lot in the kitchen. Surprisingly this herb also contributes in breast enhancement. It blocks the production of a certain enzyme consequently causing the breast size to increase dramatically. 100-160 gram of this herb per day would be enough. However it is recommended that you do not combine this herb with any other ingredient.

Fennel seeds

This ingredient includes flavonoids which increase the estrogen production in the body. Many breast feeding moms consume this herb to increase their milk production. This herb can easily be found and does not even cost much.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming these herbs as many people can be allergic or may face any side effect.

Breast enlargement is required by many women all around the world. They are ready to go to any extreme to acquire a bigger breast size. Before you actually go for surgery or any other similar solution try out some home remedies.