The Science Behind Weight Loss

Now a day’s food is everything for people. People love to eat flavored food and for that, they eat a lot without thinking that eating this much is so bad for their health. In the present era, of food lovers, it is so difficult to go on a dieting and leave food which is your top most priority.

But let us tell you something interesting that weight loss is not about leaving behind your favorite food but it is about the determination and commitment you made to yourself. If you are committed to yourself you will be able to lose weight easily.

Everybody functions differently, you see someone doing dieting and losing weight and you try to copy them but do not gain n any output this is due to the reason that your body does not respond to everything and lose hope and do not even try some new ideas.

The science behind weight loss is not that much difficult because you just have to understand that how your body works in a different situation and how your body reacts to different foods that you eat. Things that act on your friend’s body will not work on your body. Lastly, before applying anything on your body, you should do research about that whether it is good or not.

Here are few scientifically proven things which we are sharing with you. These few tips might help you in your entire life.


Exercise is helpful in weight loss, this statement is controversial these days because there is a debate that exercise helps or not. But in spite of losing weight daily exercise helps to increase the metabolism of your body and your outlook beautifies. If you want to check its benefits, go for walk and move and stretch, you will feel so awesome and motivated and you realize that what changes exercise has made in you. If you do not have time for work out than taking out only 10 minutes from your daily routine because it is equal to 30 minutes workout. Try, it slowly, at first stage you cannot handle so much exercise do it a little and you feel so energetic and that energy will make you burn more calories.


The second tip to success is taking charge of your food environment. Try to make a list of things you like to eat and which things you can cook easily because this will help you to change your eating environment. When you are cooking the meal at home you are controlling the amount of food you eat and the things that are added in your food. Because that you get from restaurants contains a large of carbohydrates, low-grade fats and many other things that are not good for your body. The second thing you should do is using small plates or bowl, this will make the food look larger and actually you will eat less. Researches tell us that having a healthy breakfast keeps you full until the lunch and you eat less at the lunch time and burn more calories. So, changing your environment can change your eating habits and your diet’s output.

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If you want to lose weight than you have to cut down the sugar and carbohydrates intake because if you are consuming these two things you can never lose weight. There are few tips that will guide you that how you can reduce your sugar and carbohydrates intake:

  1. Select those products that contain less sugar or carbohydrates and try to use fresh or frozen products instead of canned food, because the canned food contains a huge amount of carbohydrates to preserve it.
  2. Try to avoid soft drinks because they are the major cause of sugar intake. Some of the people are so addicted to soft drinks that they do not realize that each bottle of soft drink contains 10 to 15 teaspoons of sugar.
  3. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread or white rice because carbohydrates whether in any shape are very harmful to your body. Instead, try to eat whole grains that are very beneficial for your body’s health.
  4. Leaving all the sugar containing items is not that much easy because taste buds are us to eat sugar and feel a lot of craving for sugar coated items. But you have to control yourself because if you control yourself and become a normal weight person then only in future you can eat a few items containing sugar.
  5. These are few things that will help you understand the science behind healthy weight loss and if you follow up these things you will be able to lose weight and every excess fat that is disturbing you.